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Athena Forum offers over 700 Continuing Education Credits for Registered Nurses and Social Workers supporting their Registered Nurses (RN), Social Workers (SW), Certified Case Managers (CCM), Accredited Case Managers (ACM), and American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) certifications as well as state board licensure.

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Coronavirus Tips

Coronavirus Tips

Care Management in a Covid-19 World

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General Guidelines for the Case Manager in a Coronavirus World

Be cautious and be sensible. As we all learn new dynamics on the COVID-19 – be sure to stay educated about the best ways to defend yourself and family during this epidemic.

Watch our 5-minute video on self-defense measures against the Coronavirus on our home page:

Recognize that your boss is under stress. Be supportive. America's healthcare leaders are scrambling to develop new protocols and policies to best support employees and our patient populations. Continue to be the thread that brings the transition plan together.

Let's remember that our patients are taking cues from our demeanor and attitude. Part of the case manager's job is to calm nerves, not amplify anxiety.

If a patient asks you a question, be honest. When a patient asks for your advice and you don't know the answer, you can respond with something like: "That's a good question. I haven't seen a protocol for that yet. However, the best advice for everyone during this Coronavirus epidemic is to be cautious and be sensible. If I learn a new protocol for your question I'll get back to you."

Continue to use common sense and think outside the box with a "Plan B" when necessary. For example, if management now prohibits transport employees from entering our post-acute facilities, let's think of a Plan B to move our patients to their ALF/SNF or wherever they need to be.

Stay informed on news and protocols from our national organizations: CDC, American Hospital Association, the FDA and others. If you believe a national protocol conflicts with your organization's policies, raise the issue with your boss. This is an evolving national emergency.

Let's all remember that, this too, shall pass. We all need to remain calm, sensible and well informed for as long as this lasts.

Case managers are taking this opportunity of social distancing to read new courses on Athena


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The Athena Forum Institute® offers a 7,000 page online CE course curriculum dedicated to improving core competencies of case management teams toward the goal of operational excellence. Our signature service: “Company directed training toward improving hospital organizational performance.”

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“We support your goals of CM Operational Excellence”

Athena Forum’s training is the essential workforce strategy for many health plans and ACO’s striving to achieve the Triple Aim Goals published by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement:

IHI’s Triple Aim Goals:

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  2. Reducing cost-per-capita,
  3. Improving patient engagement and member retention.

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