Continuing Education Credits for Case Managers, Registered Nurses, and Social Workers

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Athena Forum offers over 700 Continuing Education Credits for Registered Nurses and Social Workers supporting their Registered Nurses (RN), Social Workers (SW), Certified Case Managers (CCM), Accredited Case Managers (ACM), and American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) certifications as well as state board licensure

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Enrolling a team on Athena Forum is quick and easy. Our friendly marketing staff can invite you to a free webinar presentation to learn why 1,000 healthcare companies are improving workforce performance with company-directed education.

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“We support your goals of CM Operational Excellence”

The Athena Forum Institute® offers a 7,000 page online CE course curriculum dedicated to improving core competencies of case management teams toward the goal of operational excellence. Our signature service: “Company directed training toward improving hospital organizational performance.”

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Athena Forum’s training is the essential workforce strategy for many health plans and ACO’s striving to achieve the Triple Aim Goals published by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement:
IHI’s Triple Aim Goals:

  1. Improving the health status of the population,
  2. Reducing cost-per-capita,
  3. Improving patient engagement and member retention.

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