Module C: Prevalence and Dynamics of Child Abuse

CE Credits: 2.0


This module begins by exploring how child abuse has been viewed over the centuries, and how laws protecting children have been a relatively recent development. To help CMs understand the full scope of child abuse, the module lays out the prevalence, demographics and economics among segments of American society, and how team members across different sectors (from nurses to law enforcement to school psychologists) play parts in identifying child abuse. Then, the module describes the main signs and dynamics of child abuse, from violent hitting or slapping to sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Learning objectives: After completing this module case managers will be able to:
» Discuss the history and societal impact of child abuse
» Describe prevalence, demographics and economics
» Identify transdisciplinary and cross-sector interactions and participation
» Discuss the dynamics of an intermingled pattern of abuse, neglect and exploitation


Advance your professional practice: Being in a position to have one-on-one interactions with children and family members, case managers need to be able to identify signs of abuse. They also need to understand our ethical and legal responsibilities, so we can help break the cycle of violence.

Improve organizational performance: Child abuse and neglect affects more than 1 million children every year—and many of those children will come through emergency rooms and hospitals. Therefore, so it is important that our team memb