Module A: Accelerating Your Performance

CE Credits: 1.5


This module explores a number of intangible skills that can help CMs do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. The first is the ability to take proactive action and have critical conversations, in person, with patients, families, and team members who are vital to a patient’s ongoing care. Next, the module looks at two skills—critical thinking and emotional intelligence—that help CMs read situations in a way so that they can respond with both intelligence and empathy. Last, the module looks at good negotiating skills—such as being able to focus on the issues, not the other person—in order to find good solutions for a patient, family, or the whole transdisciplinary team.

Learning objectives: After completing this module the case manager will be able to:
» Recognize the importance of being a proactive case manager (CM)
» Describe the benefits of mastering critical conversations
» Discuss the importance of critical thinking
» Explain the importance of emotional intelligence
» Identify the importance of negotiating skills
» Describe the importance of dealing with difficult people

Advance your professional practice: As the front-line coordinators for many patients, it’s vital that we, as CMs, hone our interpersonal skills so that we can work with our team members, the patient, and the patient’s family members to find the best care for a patient.


Improve organizational performance: Communication breakdowns can lead to medical errors and inefficiencies in a healthcare organization. When our whole team is mindful of the qualities that can help identify and mitigate problems, we can provide the best care possible while helping the organization run more smoothly and efficiently.