Module E: Standards & Codes

CE Credits: 1.0


Even though CMs often start their careers as nurses or social workers—and thus have to meet those fields’ requirements regarding licensure, credentialing, and certification—the work of case management carries its own set of standards. This module explores the various levels of licensure, credentialing, certification, and codes of conduct that have been set for the case managers who serve patients. It begins by looking at the specific credentials and licensure that apply to CMs, as well as certification and practice standards. It then details, through case studies, how such codes of conduct can come into play during everyday practice.

Learning objectives: After completing this module the case manager will be able to:
» Discuss the impact of professional conduct in a changing landscape
» Review case manager (CM) credentials and licensure
» Describe certification and practice standards
» Discuss the application of codes of conduct
» Recognize the role of ethics codes and standards in professional practice

Advance your professional practice: In an ever-changing healthcare landscape, CMs need to be abreast of the most up-to-date policies and standards in our profession, and be aware how ethical standards can play a part in difficult situations we encounter with patients and their families. When we hold ourselves to high standards, we help our patients achieve high standards.


Improve organizational performance: When our transdisciplinary team understands and embraces the requirements of case management, we can ensure that the team values the high levels of expertise that a case manager brings to the healthcare organization, so that the team can support our efforts.