Module F: Transdisciplinary Care

CE Credits: 1.25


Coping with depression goes well beyond the patient alone: this module looks at how the transdisciplinary care team can work together effectively to support a patient and his or her own team. It begins by looking at the scope of the whole team, and how they can create an action plan to help coordinate a patient’s care. The module details how different transitions of care play into that process, and then finishes by focusing on one other member of the team: the patient’s caregiver, and how the case manager can also assist with his or her ongoing needs.

Learning objectives: After completing this module the case manager will be able to:
» Advocate for a transdisciplinary approach to depression care
» Describe the development of an action plan
» Describe transitions of care in the management of patients with depression
» Discuss care management and the ongoing needs of patient caretakers

Advance your professional practice:: Case managers (CMs) occupy a unique position in the transdisciplinary depression care team because of their global perspective of each patient’s case. By understanding how vital our role is, we can maximize our influence and help patients facilitate the best ongoing care.


Improve organizational performance: Depression can be a recurring and long-term illness. When our whole team recognizes the many stages and levels of care that a patient may need, we can help streamline the process and facilitate the most efficient, effective care for him or her— and reduce the chances of costly hospitalizations and negative outcomes.