Module B: Ethical & Legal Issues, Prevention & Management

CE Credits: 2.5


This module sets out the foundations needed for an effective Ebola care strategy. Those foundations begin with a responsible code of ethics— caring for patients but also protecting the staff and the public—and a clear understanding of the legal requirements, such as quarantines. It also covers the basic policies needed for safety and efficiency: assessing a healthcare organization’s infrastructure; having the best physical preparations, such as personal protective equipment; and understanding the best practices for diagnosing and treating patients.

Learning objectives: After completing this module the case manager will be able to:
» Identify ethical tenets for case management associated with Ebola care
» Discuss legal issues in providing Ebola care
» Describe infrastructure assessment and strategies to prevent and control Ebola outbreaks
» Review operational and physical preparations for Ebola management
» Identify the key elements of intervention and care management
» Discuss the status of pharmaceutical treatment and vaccine research

Advance your professional practice:: Case managers need to understand the facts of the virus, and our vital role in a chain of command, to manage and limit an Ebola outbreak safely and efficiently.


Improve organizational performance: An effective strategy against an Ebola outbreak requires that all team members understand and implement the best practices and safety standards.