Module E: CM Ethics in a Hospital Setting

CE Credits: 1.5


This module explores the dynamics between hospital professionals and patients—how the rules and guidelines have changed, and continue to evolve. First it takes a historical look at patient autonomy and what self-determination looks like today, even with the variables of cultural differences. Then, the module details how CMs should measure their professional boundaries with patients, and how privacy issues—such as those related to personal health information (PHI)—should inform ethical hospital protocols. The module also details how a hospital’s ethics committee can play a role in strengthening the organization’s ethics.

Learning objectives: After completing this module the case manager will be able to:
» Review patient autonomy
» Discuss the importance of patient self-determination to the decision-making process
» Explain cultural sensitivities and diversity competencies
» Review the building blocks and maintenance of professional boundaries
» Discuss privacy, security and breach notifications of PHI
» Identify the functions of the hospital ethics committees

Advance your professional practice:: When case managers understand the factors that affect a patient’s self-determination, we are better informed to accommodate their needs and advocate for their best interests.


Improve organizational performance: Hospitals seek the best outcomes for patients, and patients benefit when they feel as if their desires are being respected. All members of the transdisciplinary team can support that goal when we understand patients’ rights and respect their dignity.