Improving Outcomes in Patient Advocacy and Care Standards

Course #CARE09222010

Total Course Available CE Credits: 4.1 (all modules)


Course Directors:

Marianne Ramey, RN, ACM, CPUR
Partner, Phoenix Medical Management
Co-Author, “The Leader’s Guide to Hospital Case Management”


Description: A case manger’s first duty is to advocate for the patient, and this course focuses on the main concepts and practical applications needed in day-to-day care management practices. The course’s three modules detail the stages during a patient’s hospital stay (and afterward) when a CM can be of service; the possible opportunities for troubleshooting that may arise; and how CMs can adapt a “right care” approach to meet patients’ needs.

Business goals: After completing this course case managers can expect to:
» Improve quality of care and patient outcomes by 15 percent
» Reduce readmissions by 10 percent


Course Modules

Module A: Advocacy and Care Management

Module B: “Right Care” Guidelines for Practice

Module C: Key Components to CM Success