Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Course #IBD12112015

Total Course Available CE Credits: 8.0 (all modules)

Course Directors:

Director of Translational Research
Center for Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Associate Professor of Medicine – Harvard Medical School, Boston

Teresa Fugate, RN, BBA, CCM, CPHQ
Medicare STARS Strategic Consultant
Humana- Louisville, Ky

Description: The category of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) includes a number of conditions, although the most common ones are ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s Disease (CD), both of which can present a variety of long-term challenges and complications for patients. In five modules, this course looks at the pathophysiology and prevalence of the diseases, as well as the best practices for assessing and treating
the diseases through pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatments. It is imperative for health professionals in treating patients with these chronic diseases, though, to engage with and educate patients to improve their chances of managing their diseases successfully and avoiding serious complications.

Business goals: Completing the course will help your organization:
» Improve cost controls and quality of care procedures by 20 percent
» Reduce IBD readmissions by 20 percent
» Decrease inpatient hospitalization for diabetes-related complications by 25 percent
» Reduce diabetes-related readmissions by 35 percent

Course Modules

Module A: Prevalence, Economics & Pathophysiology

Module B: Assessment & Associated Conditions

Module C: Patient Engagement

Module D: Pharmaceutical Treatments & Interventions

Module E: Non-Pharmaceutical Treatments & Interventions