“We’re seeing declines in hospital readmissions – coordinated with our course assignments to our 9 hospital CM teams. This is a great value.”

Barbara Ashton RN MSN
Regional Director Case Management
HCA Mountain Division
Salt Lake City, UT

“We’re forecasting improving claims by $100,000 this year. And let’s not forget the boost to CM team morale by gaining this new resource Athena Forum! Priceless!”

Mindy Owen RN MS CCM
Director Case Management
Lebanon, NH

What’s Your CM Workforce Strategy?

Athena Forum Institute.com® is a 7,000 page online CE course curriculum dedicated to improving case management team performance. This is a management tool whereby CM Directors assign our courses to steer the team to hospital priorities.

Our philosophy is that a CM Director can achieve goals at a faster rate with a better educated staff. When we consider the definition “Management is getting work done through others,” it’s comforting to know that our courses elevate core competencies of the “others.”

Designed in 2008 by 400 CM directors, Athena Forum is the nationally recognized platform for company-directed training to improve organizational performance.

5 benefits most frequently reported by 800 + CM Directors enrolled on Athena Forum:

1. Elevated core competencies of case managers

2. Improved patient outcomes

3. Reduced avoidable days

4. Improved claims

5. Reduced readmissions risks.

Athena Forum awards 700 CE certificates instantly printable from online, for RN, Social Work, ACM and the CCM credential. 15,000 healthcare professionals rate our courses at 94.5% “Excellent and relevant to my job.

Learn more about Athena Forum’s workforce performance strategies.

Best wishes,

Thomas A. Rasmussen CEO & Publisher Athena Forum Institute® Thomas A. Rasmussen
Athena Forum Institute®