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Behavioral Health: Anxiety Disorders
Treatment plans must be formulated to reflect the patient’s psychosocial stressors, social supports, and general living situations along with results from diagnostic studies, lab tests and medical/psychiatric evaluations completed on the patient. While the health care professionals and front-line specialists are assisting the patient, who else should be included in the plan to assure a successful outcome?

[Reference:Behavioral Health: Anxiety Disorders, Module B: Treatment of Anxiety Disorders, Page 20] www.athenaforum.com

Management – Disease and Relapse in MS
Interferons used to modify the disease allows for good management but can also illicit reactions, especially at the injection site. Common reactions can include: pain, lumps, itching and erythema. While local wound care and applying ice can help to resolve these reactions, what other recommendations should be considered?

[Reference: Multiple Sclerosis: Module C: Management, page 28]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Be Well – Case Managers!
Real Resolutions for the New Year – just as you integrate the Gold Standards of Practice into your daily practices, as well as incorporate the human impact in your stories and outcomes, so you must remember to apply these same techniques for your own wellbeing. Setting one or two goals/resolutions for yourself can help to avoid burnout, undue stress and help to realign your self-care habits. Don’t set any resolutions…you say…well this is a new directive for you. Government agencies and national foundations including your case management organizations have start-up ideas and recommendations to aid you in your personal step in being and staying well. Come join with me in at least one resolution for 2008. http://www.cmsa.org
In the Headlines . . .
“Coming Soon: Healthy People 2020”
U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services is already preparing its new national initiative for 2020 with a timeline for information, input and implementation. Public participation is strongly encouraged at this stage and key information and dates to keep in mind are now available. Healthy People 2010 is still leading the way with the promotion of health and prevention of disease. Read up on the specific processes and applicability to your vocation and community involvement. A listserv is available to keep you informed.

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“Frequently Requested Searches”
AHRQ – National Guideline Clearinghouse’s website is actively maintained and updated with valuable resources and wide range of resource materials to aid you in your practice. Subjects of interest include smoking cessation (new year’s resolution), fall prevention (winter’s peril), and obesity (health risk). Additionally, a new feature will be included as a resource for up-to-date input on issues related to guidelines and measures for quality care. Watch for their Expert Commentary – A Season of Change coming soon.

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