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Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here
Cardiovascular Risk: Thrombus Formation
Blood clots, embolus, plaque, fat clumps and other pieces of materials can at times be found to obstruct blood vessels when traveling through the body. Blood vessels are lined with endothelium (endothelial cells) which aids in dilating the lumen and inhibiting adhesion and aggregation of platelets. What is the goal for this important role?
[Reference:CV Risk: Pathophysiology, Module A: Introduction, Page 3] www.athenaforum.com

Women’s Health - Cardiovascular Disease: Decreased Libido
Four categories of potential etiologies underlie decreased libido found in menopausal women. Marital status, education and ethnicity are factors to be considered when completing a well-woman examination. Can you name three of the five potential psychological etiologies?

[Reference: Women’s Health: Module C: Sexuality in Maturity, page 7]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Be Well Case Managers:
Tips for Healthy Minds and Healthy Lives – Easy does it on choosing and following your resolutions. Set a realistic and attainable goal; choose your own resolutions; write your plan down for 3-6 months with plenty of possible accomplishments; involve family/friends; forgive yourself if getting off track and congratulate yourself with meeting your goal. The most important decision to make: Are you willing? And what will be the benefits for you?
In the Headlines . . .
“Nominate a Case Manager for a Prestigious Award”
Do you know someone who deserves recognition for their significant contributions to care management? Take a few moments and check out CMSA’s two annual awards, and honor that special person, or two today with your completed forms on this website. You have until February 14th to submit your nominations.

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“National Wear Red on February 1st”
Wear RED, eat RED, and promote RED for our nationally designated day to help you and me to fight back against the number 1 killer of American women. This can be part of your New Year’s resolutions to keep you in check with your activities, diet and ‘heart’ health. The American Heart Association website has recipes, check-ups and even a free 12-week physical activity program. Come-on – sign up – your heart will love you for it!

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