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Colorectal Cancer: Psychosocial Aspects of Care
Your patients with colorectal cancer will need to address many aspects of their lives including home/family life, work and other activities of their daily lives, especially when living with this serious disease. Finding, approaching and learning about coping and dealing with day-to-day necessities requires a support system that is dependable and helpful. Sharing with others, though difficult at first will provide assurance that steps taken will help in the times ahead. Who can provide this network of support?

[Reference:CRC: Treatment, Module A: Options – Support, Page 14] www.athenaforum.com

Diabetes: Care Standards - MNT
Nutritional issues in the management of diabetes require the recommendations from a registered dietitian (RA). The medical nutrition therapy sets goals for your patient but also requires knowledge and support from the health care team. What is the ultimate goal of the medical nutrition therapy?

[Reference: Diabetes: Module D: Standards of Medical Care, page 1]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Case Manager: You are the Best – Pass it on!
Share you professional knowledge – recognize your role and responsibilities, identify the support you can provide for another person and the ample opportunities that may follow when sharing and collaborating with your peers, family, friends, and neighbors. You may be in for a surprise!
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“PODCAST – Pinn Point on Women’s Health”
Listen in on an interesting and insightful podcast/broadcast between Dr Pinn (Office of Research on Women’s Health) and Victoria Cargill, Director of Minority Research & Clinical Studies, Office of AIDS Research, discussing women and HIV/AIDS and how AIDS affects men and women. In addition, stay tuned to the up and coming Sex/Gender Differences Series beginning in March 2008.
http://orwh.od.nih.gov/ Podcast

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“This Season’s Flu Strains Are Not a Good Match for Vaccine”
The CDC has indicated that the seasonal influenza is spreading throughout the U.S. (44 states) with nearly half of the cases being caused by strains (mutated) that were not directly covered in this years vaccine . Mortality of adults and children (an important marker of severity) has been higher in recent years. Ten children have died this year. In the past 16 of the 19 years, the vaccines have been well-matched. The WHO has recommended updating the flu vaccine since similar global reports have been coming in to their headquarters. Influenza virologists from around the world are meeting in Geneva for deciding the formula of next year’s vaccine.

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