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Asthma: Pharmacologic Therapy
CAM methods are not substitutes nor are they recommended as pharmacologic therapies for asthma management. The few available clinical trials completed thus far have demonstrated lack of quality and effectiveness in most of these methods. Since well of 1/3 of the U.S. population use some sort of CAM therapy, it is a wise move of the patient to inform their physicians of their use. A Case Manager should collaborate with their patients on current overview of treatment issues and encourage patient-physician conversations. Check out the additional CAM therapies and their study results.

[Reference:Asthma: Pharmacologics, Module C: Therapy in Asthma Care, Page 12] www.athenaforum.com

Behavioral Health: Course of Bipolar Disorder
Recurrent episodes of mania and depression reflect the classic form of bipolar I disorders. Hypomania alternating with depression makes up bipolar II disorders. Rapid-cycling bipolar disorders happen when 4 or more episodes of illness occur within a 12-month period. Reducing the frequency and severity of episodes can be managed with proper treatment for a good quality of life. There is a destructive phase of bipolar disorder that has been noted. The cause of this disorder as suggested in a recent study is what?
National Brain Awareness Week

[Reference: Behavioral Health: Depression, Module A: Bipolar Disorder, page 14]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Case Manager:
You are the Best – Pass it on!

Explore nursing/social working as a second career – networking with others allows for identifying nursing – social worker as viable and fulfilling professions and a valuable commodity in the community of health care. With the worker shortages, this is the opportune time to showcase your passions, energy and decision-making skills/abilities required in this career, as well as the caring and intensity of focus on patients and their well-being. It’s time to speak up.

In the Headlines . . .
“USDA promotes hi-tech approach to healthy eating message”
The US Dept of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition Policy & Promotion (CNPP) is encouraging and promoting a creative distribution of nutritional information or even new ways to encourage physical activity electronically through their MyPyramid programs. Check out the new initiatives and updates to personalizing you and your patient’s recommended nutritional and well-being programs.

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“New survey finds highest rates of drug-resistant TB to date”
While WHO continues to survey countries of the world on two types of drug resistant tuberculosis, preparations are underway in the U.S. to further the cause of identifying and implementing innovative strategies to improve testing and treatment among high-risk populations. Of concern are two strains of TB – MDR-TB (multidrug-resistant) and XDR-TB (extensively drug-resistant) which are spreading at the highest rates ever recorded. Read through the WHO report as well as the STOP TB USA partnership for more up-to-date information and directions you can take in helping to educate our communities on TB.
http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/ WHO

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