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COPD: Reducing Risk Factors
Education – the key to understanding a disease. Specific treatment plans outline the means to control the disease process, however, does the patient truly understand what is going on or how does this work for me. Providing a brochure or handout about a disease does not constitute ‘education.’ Providing an environment conducive to learning requires avenues of openness and opportunity to pick apart or align what the treatment plan provides for the patient in their management of this chronic disease. Since COPD is considered an umbrella of conditions, what is the GOLD definition that can be provided for the patient to aid in their understanding and application?

[Reference:COPD: CM Role, Module A: Planning, Page 8] www.athenaforum.com

Diabetes: Type 2 – Management Plan
An individual patient with diabetes should assume an active role in their care when collaborating with the physician-coordinated team. Self-management education is the integral component of the care provided with goals set by the patient and team. An understanding and agreement is required of the care providers and the patient. What considerations should be given when developing the management plan?
National Diabetes Alert Day – 3/25/08

[Reference: Diabetes: Management of Diabetes, Module A: Therapies, page 8]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Case Manager:
You are the Best – pass it on!
Invest in Yourself
– self investment allows for building equity and responding rather than reacting to personal needs and growth for that special satisfaction in life. Making a difference begins with investing in yourself and looking for reasons for choices made, keeping them and reaching your new goals. You set your own standards and measures of success. That’s a great investment. http://www.selfinvestment.com/
In the Headlines . . .
“More tips and tools to help you stay healthy”
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could find a federal website that could provide us with key resources and health information at a touch of the mouse? Check out this award-winning website developed by HHS with other federal agencies specifically to support the goals of Healthier US Initiatives. Additionally, this website has a link to the 2008 National Health Observations with website locations and references applicable to challenges you face daily. Keep this website in your Favorites and check it monthly or even weekly to see what is the new News, for today!

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“The Joint Commission Introduces Draft Standards for Comments”
Twoservice-specific standards, which will be a part of the Health Care Services Certification Program, are now available for comment/input from stakeholders in health care organizations as well as national experts, (includes palliative care experts). One core set of proposed standards applies to all organized specialty clinical services and includes supplemental service-specific standards. The second standard seeks comments on standards for Palliative Care. Your valuable feedback is requested before the final date of April 8, 2008. The draft standards can be found here: http://www.jointcommission.org/Standards/FieldReviews/

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