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COPD: Companion Diseases
Asthma and COPD are two very distinct respiratory diseases with similar symptoms but requiring different treatment modalities and outcomes. It has been noted that approximately 10% of COPD patients also have asthma. The treatment plans for both of them will differ since one can be reversed and the other can not, as long as proper disease control is provided. What is the mortality rate of COPD in comparison to asthma?
[Reference:COPD: Pathophysiology, Module A: Introduction, Page 23] www.athenaforum.com

Women’s Health: Improving Satisfaction
The most common starting point for the female sexual response is emotional intimacy as noted in the Basson Model. The Interpersonal Model of Sexual Satisfaction proposes specific factors in sexual rewards and costs. The complexity of defining sexual satisfaction remains as reflected in the common complaints made by women older than 65 years of age. What Sexual Response Model predates the Basson Model?

[Reference: Women’s Health, Module D: Sexuality in Maturity, page 14]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Case Manager – You are the Best. Pass it on!
Learn a new language
– this will bring a more enhanced understanding and ability to care for your patients. Opportunities to learn about other cultures, traditions, and language usage may help you get a better job but it will also improve your verbal skills, analytical thinking, and interpretative capabilities. That’s worth every bit of your lingual assignment.
In the Headlines . . .
“More Women Losing Sight to Eye Disease Than Men”
Age-related eye diseases are costing women their sight. Glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy are the notable diseases that strike women almost twice as men. The National Eye Institute along with Prevent Blindness America strongly encourages regular checkups for eye health. Statistics noted are sobering and estimated costs for all of us - $51.4 billion dollars a year. When was your last eye exam? Has your patient had their eyes checked as well?

Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month

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“Inhaled insulin –Exubera – to be pulled from the market”
Trial data has noted that six of the 4,740 patients taking Exubera developed lung cancer compared to one in the control arm in the studies. Although these figures were too small to reach a statistically valid conclusion on whether the drug caused the cancers, the anticipated blockbuster therapy is slowing being phased out by Pfizer. There are still some patients taking the drug but are enrolled in the extended transition programs which is helping to transition to alternative therapies. The attached websites provide dateline, notification templates and up to date information on the current situation. If you have any of your patients on this drug, assure that full communication with their physicians is in place for a safe and optimum transition.

The look of confidence
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