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Colorectal Cancer: Diagnostic Assessment
Even if the symptoms and test results have not indicated colorectal cancer, it is important that your patient understands that follow-up appointments and further monitoring remains a part of their life. A biopsy completed during the testing helps to check for cancer cells. What types of questions could your patient ask their physician, about having a biopsy as well as what to expect after it has been completed?

[Reference:CRC: Symptoms & Management, Module B: Assessment, Page 3] www.athenaforum.com

Diabetes: Retinopathy
Nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy (NPDR) is one of the two forms of retinopathy that can range from mild to very severe. In order to make sure to minimize the advancement of NPDR, preventive measures are necessary. Name some of the standard and routine screenings and testing that should always be considered to be essential in assuring interventions are appropriately timed?

[Reference: Diabetes, Module B: Complications, page 16]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
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The American Case Management Association will announce this week our new educational partnership to bring new education to hospital-based case managers. The centerpiece of the collaboration is our new online series called CM Excellence® featuring 500 pages of courses on Standards of Practice, UM, Patient Advocacy, HCM and the Hospital Revenue Cycle and more. Visit us at Booth 33!
Tom Rasmussen, Publisher and Robin A. Moore, Director of Enrollment.
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Case Manager
Mentoring is a Rewarding Process:
If you are now starting out in the field of case management, you might want to consider finding a mentor. This means building a relationship with an experienced professional who can offer you occasional guidance, support and encouragement. Many senior professionals feel honored to advise a junior person. A mentor can be in a different department, even a different field. Career wisdom can be offered in many ways.

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“Why Immunize our Children?”
While we don’t always think about vaccinations and preventive measures to limit experiencing communicable diseases, there are concerns that communities must face when outbreaks of certain diseases take place. Guidelines and recommendations for receiving vaccines for all age groups can be found, and should be encouraged for the well being of our children, our families, our elders, as well as for the benefit of the community. Additional resources, educational materials and even training can be found on the CDC’s website to aid you in helping answer questions your patients/families may ask.

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