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Asthma: Keys to Asthma Management
A key component for monitoring your patient’s asthma is to periodically assess their pulmonary function. With the goal of having normal or near-normal levels in their lung function tests, specific steps to assure your patient understands the necessity and expected results should be completed in your assessments. What are the two main methods used in monitoring pulmonary function?
[Reference:Asthma: CM Role, Module D: Periodic Assessment, Page 15] www.athenaforum.com

Colorectal Cancer: Current Staging
One of the most commonly used staging systems is the TNM System. Most national and international organizations agree with the reporting mechanism used in this staging. However, this system is not used for all cancers based on the details of the staging. What do the initials TNM represent? And what does a number added to each letter mean?

[Reference: CRC, Module B: Symptoms & Management, page 6]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
A Time and Place:
When do you look or reference your list? Early in the morning before your start your day or perhaps at lunch time when you have a few minutes before the next task is scheduled. Making time – arranging your work time to be at your best must take into consideration that there will be interruptions. Our lives are in constant motion with others. Our attention and actions are sought after on a continual basis. The ideal goal is to arrange your work time to keep most interruptions at a minimum. This allows completion of your tasks and a greater satisfaction of accomplishing your meaningful work.

UV Safety Month
In the Headlines . . .
“TSA Announces Enhancements to Airports ID Requirements to Increase Safety”
Even though there may be less traveling these days, security and safety for all passengers using the airlines requires continued awareness of the public on the rules identified by the Transportation Security Administration. While the agency’s risk-based focus has been on things, they are focusing on people. Read through the short directive to assure you and your patients understand and comply with these enhancements.

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“2009 Joint Commission Standards Available Online”
Assuring that the new changes to the standards, as directed by the Standards Improvement Initiative (2006), are clear, relevant and applicable to specific health care settings in which they are used, The Joint Commission is requesting all health care organizations to become familiar with the new language, ordering and numbering. No new rational or elements of performance requirements were added. The design is more user-friendly and can be found at the TJC’s website. Launch date is January 1, 2009.

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