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Multiple Sclerosis: Employment Issues
It is estimated that only thirty-five percent of all MS patients are employed. Employment issues are just as important as are any of the other life-planning issues. Challenges with symptoms that are not always ‘visible’ to others can pose some difficulty when working to obtain reasonable accommodations in the workplace, as outlined by the ADA. What type of accommodations might be needed in order for your patient to be productive?

[Reference:MS: Case Manager Role, Module D: MS Care, Page 13] www.athenaforum.com

Women’s Health: Link between Depression and CVD
Elevated levels of homocysteine, found in both depression and heart disease, serve as a reliable marker of dysfunction of the blood vessel lining. While the vessel lining is more than just a barrier to it’s’ neighbor, it also represents the line that separates health from disease. What four factors may contribute to the elevated levels of homocysteine?

[Reference: Women’s Health, Module B: Complications in Menopause Care, page 15]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Case Management - Walk the Talk
Although there are many variations of this adage, striving to ‘walk a mile in their shoes,’ can perhaps make the difference in how services are provided and remembered by your patients. Everyone can make a difference by adding a bit more understanding and application of common sense to even the most mundane of tasks. Take a few steps…it will open your eyes.
In the Headlines . . .
“Exciting Changes Ahead! Computer-Based Testing - Fall 2008”
The Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) will be providing electronic access to the certification exam starting this fall. Having offered the traditional paper-and-pencil format since 1993, it was time to move forward with the ample benefits that come from this technological format. Return to CCMC’s website and check out these benefits as well as the Newsletter, Ethics course and other resourceful information.

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“Request for Public Comment on Blood Management Performance Measures”
The Joint Commission is inviting your comments on their proposed draft of Blood Management Performance Measures. The quantitative tools are designed to address important aspects of care for patients in hospital inpatient settings. The survey is available for comment until August 19th 2008. Additional information on the timeline and follow-through activities is available here.

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