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Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here
Cardiovascular Risk: Acute Coronary Syndrome
The spectrum of symptom for ACS can include ST-Segment elevation, non-St-Segment elevation and unstable angina. Chest pain has many possible causes and the source can be found in any organ or tissue in the chest. Pneumonia, anxiety or rapid breathing and the digestive system are some of those possiblities. In children, is chest pain a result of a cardiac problem?

[Reference:CV Risk: Stroke & MI, Module C: MI – CM Role, Page 8] www.athenaforum.com

Diabetes: Children – Type 2
Headlines continue to announce the increasing incidences of type 2 in children and adolescents. Crucial testing criteria/guidelines are in place for only those children and youth who are at increased risk of the development of diabetes type 2. Overweight, age of initiation and testing results are three of the five testing criteria. What are the other two criteria?
[Reference: Diabetes, Overview, Module A: Therapies, page 9]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Case Management – Walk the Talk
Have you ever really listened to yourself speaking with others? What do you actually say to your patients on the phones or in their presence? Approaches that speak of your sincerity can be felt in the tone of your voice, the actual words used to explain, provide and suggest can either help or hinder your communications. Negatives can stop the intended actions that your words express. ‘Can’t, won’t, don’t, no, not, and sorry’ are key words that need to be minimized in your service interactions. Better to use the opposites of these words for a clearer understanding and to maintain a two-way communication. A smile will even advance your cause! Try it today.
In the Headlines . . .
“CMSA’s 2009 Conference Call for Presentations”
Phoenix, Arizona in 2009….the next Annual Conference for CMSA is June 16-19 and the exciting and innovative plans are in the works. Have you ever considered sharing your experience and knowledge in case management with your peers? This golden opportunity, in the form of an abstract proposal, is available until August 31st and awaits your input. Instructions on how to submit your proposal online is available at the CMSA website.

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“Good News! From Commission for Case Management Certification”
Our lives are getting simpler now. The CCMC website is changing the way we renew our membership and access our total CE hours. Check out the new webpage for updating and renewing your personal information as a CCM as well.

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