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COPD: Hospital Management
A cornerstone treatment for COPD exacerbations is oxygen therapy. With uncomplicated exacerbations, adequate levels of oxygenation can be achieved. However when CO² retention occurs, maintaining that level becomes challenging. Once oxygen has been started, how often should arterial blood gases be checked to ensure satisfactory oxygenation is achieved?
[Reference:COPD: Complications, Module B: Exacerbation, Page 24] www.athenaforum.com

Multiple Sclerosis: Principles of CAM use
Guidelines are available for consumers of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) to aid their consideration, selection and use. Caution should always be considered when mixing with convention medicines including informing their physicians, understanding the reasons for using CAM, and monitoring their continued use of the medicines. Herbal medicine should also be used with caution since there are no FDA regulations governing their use. What are some of the important principles that should be considered when using herbs?

[Reference: MS, Module A: Pathophysiology of MS, page 29]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Case Management – Walk the Talk
Customer service is central to the ‘consumer-centric’ focus of health care services today. Unhappy customers – your patients – will not always complain verbally but will certainly take steps to resolve their conflicts. This can take the form of compliancy and non-adherence to plans of care provided for them, or as drastic as moving on to another company, or taking their “business” elsewhere. Taking that extra step to assure everyone is on the same page is worth every step taken and available resources are utilized appropriately.

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In the Headlines . . .
“HHS calls for adoption of ICD-10 codes”
Finally, a proposal to replace the current 30-year old ICD-9 code set has been issued by the Health and Human Services Dept. The updated international Classification of Diseases code set would be up and running by October 2011. The changes are outlined in proposed regulations and will accept comments through October 21, 2008. For more information and what this new upgrade consists of, check out the Government Health IT website.

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“Obesity Rates Up in Thirty-Seven States”
During the past year, the obesity epidemic has gotten worse despite multiple campaigns and warnings about health risks associated with carrying the additional weight. There were NO states that have had a decrease in the percentage of obese adults as noted in a recently published report put out by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Trust for America’s Health. It is estimated that 2/3rd of Americans are overweight or obese. The national rate was 15% in 1980. Our future of this country rests on the health of its’ citizens. And we have a part in helping to challenge each other as well as our patients in changing this. Our future is at stake here!

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