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Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here
CV Risk: Stroke - Hypertension
Reducing blood pressure to a level where there is a decreased risk of complications is your patient’s treatment goal. Medications, periodic measurements of blood pressures at regular intervals, along with specific and individualized lifestyle changes will play key roles in their treatment plan. Assisting them in understanding and applying these measures can begin in the hospital setting and continue after they have returned home.

[Reference:CV Stroke: Prevalence, Module B: CM Role, Page 11] www.athenaforum.com

Diabetes: Glucagon
A patient with diabetes can lose consciousness if their hypoglycemic symptoms are severe. An injection of glucagon if given early enough will increase the blood glucose and stabilize your patient, only if there is adequate hepatic glycogen available. The half-life of glucagon is 3 to 6 minutes and is degraded in the liver, kidney and plasma.

[Reference: Diabetes, Module C: Pharmacologics, page 23]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
CM Team Work
With the summer Olympics now behind us, we can reflect on the various sports that relied on the ‘team’ to be victorious. Each member worked together to help accomplish a common goal. Each member of the team, exhibiting a variety of responsibilities/skills, had an equal role in obtaining a victory for the team. The final result enabled each participant to receive recognition, as well as obtain a sense of accomplishment. When we build bridges together, we can keep crossing them – together!

National Network Day
In the Headlines . . .
“Generating Results Together”
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s 5 Million Lives Campaign is one of a number of programs and campaigns available for health care organizations across the U.S. Innovative quality improvement and patient safety focuses take the center stage as the IHI provides web-based audio and video broadcasts. Check out their special event today at:

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“FDA Launches Drug-Safety Web-site”
As a requirement of the FDA Amendments Act of 2007, the Food and Drug Administration has created and launched a website that lists drug-safety information. Drug recalls, medication guides, clinical trials, and FDA warning letters and other communication transparency information are now available for both patients and their providers. Check out the multiple links and up to date information on disposing used medications.

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