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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Risk Factors Reduced
Patients may not understand some of the medical words or jargon used in describing their disease and how it is treated. Where they fit in the big picture and what they need to know requires simple and applicable explanations presented in creative ways to involve them and take ownership of this information. Writing a journal is a good tool for daily symptom monitoring. Trying to remember what happened three weeks ago is difficult and doesn’t allow for seeing a pattern or using preventive interventions. A small notebook is a good start.
[Reference:COPD: Case Manager Role, Module D: Planning, Page 9] www.athenaforum.com

Women’s Health: Atrophy
Estrogen’s role facilitates and maintains an abundant blood flow, lubrication and sensitivity for the vagina. The pH level can either inhibit or allow growth of pathogenic bacteria. Deficiency of estrogen contributes to physical changes such as drying, burning, pruritus, dyspareunia and tenderness. Atrophic vaginitis is often misdiagnosed and unsuccessfully treated as infectious vaginitis. Atrophic vaginitis affects the lower urinary track as well and requires a thorough examination and appropriate interventions. Less than 25% of women talk about these symptoms with their healthcare providers.

[Reference: Women’s Health, Module A: Perimenopausal Years, page 11]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
CMSA 19th Annual Conference & Expo
June 16-19, 2009
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, AZ

NICM & ACMA 16th Annual Conference
April 18 - 22, 2009
Westin Boston Waterfront
Boston, MA
In the Headlines . . .
“Get Heartburn Smart!”
There’s a new awareness and advocacy organization that focuses on heartburn and everything that’s centered on this symptom. Patient education materials, assessment and screening tools, community outreach materials are abundance and ready to go. With the end of year entertaining coming soon, awareness and preparation will be needed for your patients and even for you and me.

National Heartburn Awareness Month

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“Sick…sour…sliding economy has patients skimping on medicines”
But it doesn’t stop there…as economic hard times are stretching dollars for daily necessities and putting their health at risk. Cutting back or stopping their prescription medications, delaying preventive care and testing, along with putting off dental visits reflect just a few of the choices the American consumer is making everyday. This is a common thread that reflects a growing problem that is troubling for both the patient as well as the provider. Prescription assistance programs can be one solution that would be worth the time for patient-caregiver-providers. Use this as a tool to help your patients stay on track.

The look of confidence
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