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Colorectal Cancer: Staging and Tumor Grade
Grading systems differ depending on the type of cancer being investigated. Guidelines recommended by the American Joint Commission on Cancer identifies five categories [GX – G4]. Tumor grading is used to classify cancer cells in terms of how abnormal the cells look and how quickly the tumor may grow and spread. The importance of tumor grade in planning treatment and estimating your patient’s prognosis is greater when certain types of cancer are suspected including soft tissue sarcoma, primary brain tumors and lymphomas.

[Reference:CRC: Symptoms & Management, Module B: Diagnostic Tools, Page 9] www.athenaforum.com

Multiple Sclerosis: Adherence
Patient, treatment and disease-specific factors affect patients with multiple sclerosis. These can vary from patient to patient depending on their fears (needles, side effects) and possible impairments (physical, cognitive) exhibited with the disease. Your patient’s ability and acceptance of the ongoing treatment plan follows the Adherence model [pre-contemplative, contemplative, preparation, action and maintenance].

[Reference: MS, Module C: Disease Management, page 35]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
CM Walk
Frustration and disappointments in our jobs can knock us out and down, but there are ways to counter these. Take a hike for 10 minutes to calm down, reflect and develop a bounce-back strategy. Or better yet, take a deep breath, count to 15 and think about how you affect others. Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom!

World’s Diabetes Day – 14th
In the Headlines . . .
“It’s Time to Make a Difference”
The United States is gearing up to mark World Diabetes Day this Friday. This special day’s primary goal is to bring diabetes to light with the focused campaign on children and adolescents [40 children develop type 1 diabetes a day]. Opportunities to participate include accessing resource materials to doodling in blue, which is the color application for diabetes awareness. Check it out for more information and let’s light up the world.

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“TJC Accreditation: Lab Decisions Will No Longer Affect Hospital Decisions”
Under a new Joint Commission policy (beginning 1-1-09), laboratory accreditation decisions will no longer immediately impact hospital accreditation decisions. This will establish comparability in the way that a laboratory with an adverse accreditation decision rendered by TJC or one of its cooperative partners impacts the hospital or other organization with which the laboratory is affiliated. The valuable link between labs and hospitals accreditations will continue. For a full report – see the news release as follows:

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