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Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here
Colorectal Cancer: Radiation Treatment
Radiotherapy uses high-energy rays to kill cancer cells, only in the treated area. External radiation from a machine can be provided in a number of different settings over a time period of several weeks. Internal radiation (implant radiation) is implanted directly into or near the tumor and most be administered while in the hospital. The patient stays in the hospital while the implants remain in place for several days.
[Reference:CRC: Treatment, Module C: Options, Page 2] www.athenaforum.com

Women’s Health: Depression and CVD Link
The most recent research points to a common cause for both depression and heart disease – that is – cumulative damage to the blood vessel lining i.e. injured endothelial cells. This begins in adolescence and gives rise to the seemingly unrelated diseases. People die as a complication of depression and more frequently than thought of in the past. “Treating the real disease” could be seen as a deciding factor for the cardiologist, since people die of heart disease but they get over depression. Mental health providers are not always consulted to follow and make sure the depression doesn’t become more severe.
[Reference: Women’s Health, Module B: Complications, page 12]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
CM Walk
Achieving results to be the best you can be, takes action. Staying on top by setting specific goals for improvement (and actual doing this) along with dumping ‘personal baggage’ that can weigh you down are two steps that will build a base from which to be the best. Reading more to catch up and further your knowledge, along with taking the time to mentor and teach others is the legacy of being a positive example for others. Remember ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.

National Influenza Vaccination Week
In the Headlines . . .
“Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions”
The Transportation Security Administration has established a program for screening of persons with disabilities and their associated equipment, mobility aids, and devices. Over 70 disability-related groups and organizations helped the TSA organization to understand the concerns of persons with disabilities and medical conditions and address their needs. New rules and screening procedures are now in place and are outlined in their policy as noted at this website. Learn about the expanded benefits now in place for those who need it the most. http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/specialneeds/index.shtm

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“FDA Partners with WebMD to Better Serve Consumers”
A new collaboration between the Food and Drug Administration and WebMD will now provide an expanded access to timely and reliable /credible health information for consumers. Offering a multi-media approach, online cross-linked resources as well as contributions to the WebMD The Magazine, this partnership will provide the 70 million adults with useful information for their health concerns.

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