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Cardiovascular Risk: Prevention-Initiatives
The CDC has been and continues to fund health departments and form partnerships to address the burden of heart disease and stroke as well as promoting the use of education, environmental strategies, and system changes. Prevention – early recognition – treatment can address modifiable risk factors but raising public awareness on the urgency of addressing CV disease will help influence persons to live healthy lives. One program – Public Health Action Plan to Prevent Health Disease and Stroke is assessing existing research agendas and gaps in policy and is being implemented by the National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention.
[Reference:CVR: Pathophysiology, Module A: Screening, Course Page 20 ] www.athenaforum.com

Diabetes: Gestational Diabetes
The first prenatal visit is the ideal time for gestational diabetes mellitus risk assessment. Risk factors include marked obesity, history of GDM, and family history are clinical characteristics that point to additional detection such as glucose testing. Based on the outcome of the testing, if no GDM is noted – they should be retested between 24-28 weeks of gestation. If they are at average risk, they should be tested also at the 24-28 weeks of gestation.
[Reference: Diabetes, Module A: Therapies, page 11 ]
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With tight times and burdened budgets, we know that you are looking for every opportunity to stretch your educational resources. That is why we are committed to offering you the best value for your time and educational needs. Your partnership provides valuable feedback that helps us to provide real-time health information for you. Knowledge is power & knowledge shared is power multiplied. B.Noyce. Athena Forum, a world class educational portal, is right for these challenging times. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements coming in the New Year. It will be well worth your time and investments.

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In the Headlines . . .
“Green Propellants alter use and cost of asthma inhalers”
The old style inhalers will no longer be sold starting this Thursday – January 1st. The CFC’s are out and the HFAs are in and will require a new train of thinking, and correct use of the brand name drugs. The ozone-friendly inhalers require cleaning weekly, have new directions in use and will cost more. There are no generics available on the market. Consumers/patients may not be aware of the change coming and will need to know what is in store for them. Check with your patients to make sure they are aware of the change and to assure they understand how to use the drug properly. If the costs are too much, direct them to the physician discount cards or drug companies programs.

“Take it to the Top! - Tell you leaders about CPS – an industry changing event”
CMSA is hosting the second Collaborative Practice Summit in 2009 and encouraging all company leaders to consider and attend this cutting-edge event. Participating together in a face-to-face collaboration, your leaders can positively affect the future of health care, including your job and career future. Check out the website and direct them to the ground-breaking forum and presenters. It will be worth the effort.

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