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Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here
Pain Management: Chronic Pain
There are hundreds of pain syndromes and disorders that constitute the spectrum of pain. Effective pain management applies to all of these regardless of the underlying cause and requires a systematic pain assessment, identification of co-morbid conditions, and development of individualized treatment plans. Additionally, early and diligent pain treatments, multiple approach considerations, measurement of improvement and control over time, positive reinforcement, referrals to appropriate specialists provide the basis of the acceptable guide to effectively managing pain.

[Reference:PM, Characteristics, Module C: Chronic Pain, Page 2] www.athenaforum.com

Behavioral Health: Major Depressive Disorder
Management of MDD is needed throughout all phases of treatment. Psychiatric management can include many types of interventions and activities including performing a diagnostic evaluation that determines whether the diagnosis is depression and whether this is a psychiatric and general medical comorbidity associated with it. Safety for the patient and others must also be evaluated especially if they may be suicidal or homicidal. Addressing any functional impairment once an evaluation has been made helps to align appropriate interventions and aids the patient in working with the team.

[Reference: BH, Module A: Depression, Psychiatric Management of MDD, page 22]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Workplace Loyalty – Giving & Receiving
Acts of kindness reaps good things for both the recipient as well as those who provided the act. Taking care of each other, helps take care of our patients. Celebrations, recognitions, and opportunities to safely expand beyond the red-tape protocol engage all who provide a service, as well as those who receive a caring and memorable moment. We understand that when we give as honestly as we can, we will receive back more than we had expected.

World Health Day – April 7th
In the Headlines . . .
“TOO many people smoking…still…”
So says the CDC in their weekly MMR report. The most recent survey results of 2007 show that the number of adults still smoking reflects the targeted marketing and promotion of tobacco, despite the sobering statistics and increased evidence-based tobacco control programs available for the public. The Healthy People 2010 goal of reducing adult smoking rates to 12% or less will not be reached next year with the percentage of people who still continue this life-altering habit. Read the full of account noting which states still rank in the upper percentages, and also help your patients to reconsider their frame of reference and see what saving their money will offer in the end!


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“Make CCMC Your Commission – in 2009”
The opportunity to be a part of the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) Board and Help Guide Our Path continues until April 15th, 2009. Participating in a noteworthy and future-oriented organization, you will have the chance to share ideas, brainstorm with other CCMs, and contribute in shaping our future endeavors. Details can be found on position responsibilities and acceptance of your application at their website.

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