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Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here
Asthma : House-dust mites
Reducing exposure to mites requires both essential and desirable actions. High levels of mites can be found in dust from mattresses, pillows, carpets, bed covers, soft toys and upholstered furniture. Encasing pillows and mattresses with allergen-impermeable covers as well as washing bed linens in ≥ 130 °F water are two steps in the essential actions to follow. Desirable steps could include removing carpeting from the bedroom and avoiding sleeping or lying on upholstered furniture.
[Reference:Asthma, Complications, Module B: Allergic Asthma, Page 7] www.athenaforum.com

Women’s Health: Psychosocial Treatment
Satisfaction treatment endpoints do not exist for depression in comparison to diabetes or hypertension. Treatments in the past were limited to 6-9 months with hopes of resolution but a reoccurrence (up to 85%) of depression occurred when limits were placed on available benefits of treatment. Desensitization of the brain occurs with each depressive episode which requires continuous treatment or maintenance therapy. Barriers are many and often are costly for those who can not afford the treatment. It is estimated that as few as 15% of those with depression are properly diagnosed and seek treatment.

[Reference: Women’s Health, Module B: Complications: Depression, page 6]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Workplace Loyalty – Tough Times + Love
Supporting others when they are experiencing difficult personal times allows for as easier passage to moving forward. Building support networks and real-time acts of kindness can make a difference. This applies inside as well as outside of any business or company. Spontaneity in providing a kind word, simple act, or a listening ear can provide more than one could imagine. Walking in each other shoes is not possible but walking along side is often all that is needed. Try it today.

Safe Kids Week
In the Headlines . . .
“Affordable Health Care for all AMERICANS”
With Congress back in session again, a heighten awareness and attention is being given to topics that affect every American citizen, including health care reform. Not unlike years ago when attempts were made to overhaul the HC system, this time around, the public at large is being given the opportunity to speak up. Weekly updates with the new Director of the White House Office of Health Reform provides a means to listen in on what Washington is encouraging as well as providing a springboard for public input. Have you given your thoughts and recommendation yet?

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Swine Influenza A
A nationwide public health emergency alert has been issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on April 26th. Human infections with a newly discovered Swine Influenza A (H1N1) virus, has infected 20 people in the United States. There have not been any fatalities in the US.

The look of confidence
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