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Behavioral Health: Psychiatric Factors
Comorbid Mood Disorder often coexists with bipolar disorder or unipolar depression. Patients with anxiety disorders and comorbid affective disorders generally do not respond well to traditional treatments for the anxiety disorder. They can exhibit a greater impairment; have more hospitalizations, and a higher rate of suicide attempts. Overstimulation is a common complaint when treatment includes tricyclics and SSRIs. The ideal response is to introduce these medications at lower doses and a slower rate of increasing if needed.
[Reference:Behavioral Health, Module B: Anxiety Disorders, Page 23] www.athenaforum.com

Pain Management: LBP
Low back pain is one of the most common pain-related causes for seeing a primary care physician (5th). The prevalence and increase in wear and tear associated with LBP can be attributed to the high number of obese and inactive patients. Sixty six percent of adults will suffer from it sometime in their life. Degenerative disc disease will be diagnosed for 95% of those adults age 50 and older. The total incremental direct health care cost is approximately $26.8 billion dollars, and counting.

[Reference: Pain Management, Module D: Types of Chronic Pain, page 2]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Pause for a Moment
Trust is a lofty word when applied to our interactions with others. Keeping your promises and speaking out for what you think is important are two of the four behaviors that support the concept. Validating your intentions can be found when you err on the side of fairness as well as doing what you say you are going to do. Make sure your ‘yes’ response means yes, and your ‘no’ means no. Success is measured by your behaviors.

Eye Safety Awareness Week
In the Headlines . . .
“National CPR & AED Awareness Week”
Are you still certified in CPR and understand how to use the AED? And, are you aware that the American Heart Association has expanded their e-learning and registration online opportunities to include friends, family, and students? Check out their website for the ECC Class Connector website for workplace trainings; HeartCode ACLS Anywhere for professionals; Guidelines/national statistics, and their newest National Registry – US map. Count yourself in and possibly save a life!
CPR & AED Awareness week
CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care
American Heart Association

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“Global flu deaths up…”
Even as we move into the summer months ahead, health officials continue to monitor and prepare for the worse of the H1N1 influenza that may still be ahead. With global deaths now at 108 [16 in the U.S.] and with > 13,000 infected people worldwide, the concern focuses on possible mutation or resistance to Tamiflu or other medications used in it’s treatment. As the CDC points out, we can still stay healthy if we stay informed, use common sense in everyday actions that keep us healthy, follow public health advice, and decrease our stress and anxiety. Stay tuned to their website weekly for updates and useful information for your patients and yourself.

The look of confidence
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