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Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here
CV Risk: C. Catheterization
Even though a cardiac catheterization is considered a common medical procedure, complications can still occur. Bleeding, infections, pain at the site of catheter insertion, or a possible reaction to the dye are some of the difficulties that may happen with/after a CC. Damage to the kidneys caused by the dye, blood clots triggering strokes, heart attacks or other serious problems are less common complications, but with any procedure involving the heart, complications can be, although rare, be fatal.

[Reference:CV Risk, Module C: MI – CM Role, Page 26] www.athenaforum.com

Women’s Health: Study Results
A study of women who were randomized to receive either six additional months of medical treatment or underwent a hysterectomy, it was found that the hysterectomy group reported a significant improvement in all measures of health-related quality of life that included: symptom resolution, sexual functioning, sleep problems, and general health perceptions. This persistent level of satisfaction lasted for at least two (2) years. At least the hysterectomy served as a sexual liberator, but the threat of cancer still persists.
[Reference: Women’s Health, Module C: Sexuality in Maturity, page 9]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Pause for a Moment
Emotions can get in the way of our ability to act and communicate effectively. Do we capitalize on our innate talents and strengths? What habits do we possess that perhaps hinder our growth in succeeding in reaching our goals? Are we able to manage the fears and negative emotions that make up our subconscious minds, or do we rely on our critical and analytical thoughts housed in our consciousness instead? Confronting behaviors and routines and reworking our deep-seated beliefs, attitudes, and fears can help us move from thinking to realizing our goals.

National Men’s Health Week
In the Headlines . . .
Care safety for children is an important job especially when considering the thousands of young children who are killed or injured in car crashes each year. Safety guidelines for car seats are detailed for age, size and vehicles. Installations and location of car seats, use of Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children attachment systems, and other relevant information is available to assure that our children are safe from birth to young adult age. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Highway Traffic Safety Adm. have detailed resources to help you do the right thing. Help your patients and their families stay safe and alive as traveling increases during the summer months.


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“Advance Effective Communication Proposal”

A new opportunity is available for you to review The Joint Commission’s Proposed Hospital Accreditation Program Requirements for communication, cultural competence and patient-centered care. Patient safety can be inhibited by language, culture, hearing or visual impairments, and other diseases or disabilities. Additionally health disparities and diversity of our nation’s population will continue to challenge the status quo. Your feedback regarding the value of the proposed requirements and the ability of hospitals to implement them is important. Comments will be gathered for six weeks ending July 20th, 2009.

The look of confidence
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