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Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here
COPD: Remodeling
Inflammation caused by repeated exposure to noxious agents lead to a cycle of injury and repair to the walls of the peripheral airways. This cycle can lead to a disordered repair and results in a remodeling of the airway as well as altered structure and function. Remodeling of the peripheral airways is the major source of airway limitations in COPD. Fibrosis of the small airways plays a large role in the inflammatory changes that contributes to this limitation and leads to an increased production in deposited collagen and scar formation. The outcome: fixed airway limitation and the irreversible feature seen in COPD.

[Reference:COPD, Airways, Module A: Pathophysiology, Page 18] www.athenaforum.com

Multiple Sclerosis: Medications
Because MS keeps many of its secrets, the answer to whether demyelination causes depression or the loss of function; role re-identification; lifestyle changes; bouts of fatigue; episodic exacerbations and barriers to routine livings results in depressed attitudes; could be both, or neither. Your patients can still lead healthy lives and reach optimum function by receiving antidepressant drugs. Effexor, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Zoloft and Prozac are medications used for treatment of depression.

[Reference: MS, Depression, Module C: Management, page 19]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Pause for a Moment
Mastering the “3 R’s” of Ethics should always serve as the basis of your practice. Respect applies to people, organizational resources, and your working environment and your relationship to and with them. Responsibility is reflective of your behavioral relationships to your patients/families, coworkers, your employer and yourself. Right results reflects and means that the how’s are equal in weight to what’s, as well as the means to achieving ends are just as important as the ends are to themselves.

Home Safety Month
In the Headlines . . .
“Phoenix 2009”
At the recently held CMSA National Conference in Phoenix, announcements were made for the new President and 2010 Board of Directors. Additionally, the 2009 Case Manager of the Year, the Award of Service Excellence and 6 Chapter Excellence awards were presented in celebration of Case Management that is positively impacting and improving patient wellbeing and health care outcomes. Check out the website for their up-to-date announcements.

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“TJC Releases Seasonal Influenza Monograph”
The Joint Commission recently released their “Providing a Safer Environment for Health Care Personnel and Patients Through Influenza Vaccination: Strategies from Research and Practice” monograph. Supported by evidence-based guidelines and published literature, the document strongly encourages employee vaccinations to decrease the incidents of transmission of infections and for patient safety and well being. The monograph can be found on TJC website and can be downloaded for free. Read it and pass it on.

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