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Colorectal Cancer: NCCN Treatment Standards
The National Comprehensive Cancer Network recommended treatment standards on the stages of cancer are one of the current guidelines available for clinicians. It consists of 4 stages outlining the treatment and follow-up care. They include: Stage I -Monitoring with routine follow-ups. Stage II- Treatment paradigm is dependent on extent of tumor. Stage III -Focuses on Adjuvant treatment. Stage IV- involves deciding between active treatment and best supportive care possible.

[Reference:CRC, Symptoms & Management, Module B: Treatment Guides, Page 11] www.athenaforum.com

Pain Management: Barriers
Obtaining effective pain management for cancer can be hampered by multiple barriers that can be found with the health care professionals who administer PM, patients who may or may not received PM, and the overall health care system in permitting or denying appropriate services. The HC professional may fear that the patient will become addicted to the medication. The patient is focused on being a “good” patient, and the HC system has a restrictive regulation of the controlled substance that the good patient requires having in order to be in good control.

[Reference: PM, Cancer Pain, Module D: Unique Characteristics, Page 2]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Pause for a Moment
Power of one…one thought…one word…one action. The power of one person – You – can make a difference. Harnessing your positive attitude and moving forward when experiencing adversity, will create a ripple effect on others in many different ways. Assume the best as a power of one and pass it on
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“The Essential Link in Quality Health Care”
The National Case Management Week is coming up in October and now is the time to begin your plans in celebrating this special week. From the 11th to the 17th, exciting opportunities are yours for the planning. Check out the promotional items including pins, posters and proclamations. An order form is all ready for your ordering until September 1st. Come join in the celebration that helps to get the word out.

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“31 Meaningful use Measures”
The Health Information Technology Standards Committee’s Clinical Quality Workgroup has laid out thirty-one performance and data capture measures that should be incorporated into the standards of electronic medical records (EMR/HER). These measures include 26 benchmarks endorsed by the National Quality Forum. The committee will conduct further review and forward their advice to HHS for incorporation of rulemaking standards later this year.
Health IT panel recommends 31 IT measures

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