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Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here
Asthma : Lung Function
Lung function abnormalities are categorized as restrictive or obstructive defects. A reduced ratio of Forced expiratory volume in 1 sec. (FEV¹) / Forced Vital capacity (FVC) indicates obstruction to the flow of air from the lungs. A reduced Forced vital capacity (FVC) with a normal Forced expiratory volume in 1 sec (FEV¹) / FVC ratio suggests a restrictive pattern. Further evaluations to determine the severity can be compared to your patients’ results with reference values based on their age, height, sex and race.
[Reference:Asthma, Pathophysiology, Module A: Severity, Page 11] www.athenaforum.com

Diabetes: DKA
There are three common complications of diabetes Ketoacidosis. They include: 1) hypoglycemia due to overzealous treatment with insulin, 2) hypokalemia due to insulin administration and treatment of acidosis with bicarbonate, and 3) hyperglycemia due to an interruption or discontinuation of intravenous insulin therapy after recovery without subsequent coverage with subcutaneous insulin.
[Reference: Diabetes, Module B: Complications, page 9]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Pause for a Moment
It’s bound to happen…you’re caught off guard when conflict arises between you and a team member. What can you do? Stop, breath, and think is always the first step. Acknowledging the conflict and offering an opportunity to address it right away. Buy some time for gathering your thoughts, or take it somewhere else to avoid disruption. Always keep it respectful and calm. You can and do control your own behavior. Your example allows others to follow your professionalism and integrity.

Cataract Awareness Month
In the Headlines . . .
“CMSA Senior Service Finder”
New features have been added to the Senior Housing Service Finder that reflect the addition of a nationwide home healthcare database to complement the comprehensive and current listings of all licensed senior housing in the U.S. The Medicare’s Five Star Quality Ratings and home healthcare listings will include Medicare’s quality measurements and can be accessed through the downloadable checklists and tools. An invitation to profile this service will be sent out to all CMSA case managers in the next few months. Register here:
Visit CMSA's Senior Service Finder

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“Calling All California Social Workers”
Athena Forum is pleased to announce the California Board of Behavioral Sciences has approved Athena Forum to be an Approved Provider of Continuing Education for California Social Workers. All courses on AthenaForum.com® now offer California Social Worker CE for your professional advancement. Join 10,000 case managers around the nation who rate our courses 95% Excellent. Athena Forum is tuition-based, password-protected, and ad-free by design. Our single annual tuition is $175.00 per social worker, providing you 24/7 access to all 2,300 pages of clinical courses and business training as well as dozens of CA SW CE Certificates, all printable from online. Tuitions are typically paid by healthcare companies and offered to Social Workers as an employee benefit. For more information, please contact Robin Moore at 301-279-2160 or Robin@athenaforum.com

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