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Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here
CV Risk: Cholesterol & Stroke
Understanding that some strokes can be caused by a narrowing of the arteries due to plaque and blood clot build-up inside artery walls, helps to focus on decreasing the amount of fatty substances that also include cholesterol. The liver produces cholesterol, which is just enough for the body’s needs. Eating foods with high cholesterol and saturated fats contributes to atherosclerosis (artery buildup).

[Reference:CVRISK, Module A: Stroke – CM Role, Blood Levels, Page 18] www.athenaforum.com

Multiple Sclerosis: Possible Triggers
The factor(s) that may trigger an attack on the central nervous system’s (CNS) white matter continues to be elusive and unknown. A hypothesis currently being explored includes one that specifically focuses on the role of viruses. People with MS have elevated peripheral blood antibody titers to many viruses like Rubella, Varicella Zoster, and Epstein-Barr. Further findings are focusing on the pathophysiology of virus-specific antibodies detected in the cerebrospinal fluid and brain lesions. Relevancy to MS remains to be seen.

[Reference: MS, Module A: Pathophysiology, page 9]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Pause for a Moment
Large or small, organizational transitions or even procedural adjustments can bring about angst and apprehension. But prioritizing for any type of change can help to keep things in perspective and help the team deal with the change. Identifying those things that matter the most can be listed on the priority list that classifies them in High, Medium, and Low order. Complete those items on the High priorities list and then progress to the Medium and finally the Low.
In the Headlines . . .
“CM Model Act of 2009”
CMSA has just released the New Model ACT which supports Case Management Programs. Read the 13 page complimentary copy which was recently approved by unanimous consent by the Board of Director’s this month. Share this information with your peers and show others what truly is the key to a quality-defined health care continuum of care and services.

CMSA Health Care Reform

Case Management
Model Act of 2009

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“My Health Advisor”
A new interactive website is now available for the 57 million Americans who are now considered to have prediabetes. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has launched an advisor and tool that can help calculate the risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes but also outline steps that can be taken to lessen that risk. The calculator crunches any input placed in it including age, family history, level of exercise, weight, diet and other behaviors that increases that risk. Based on years of clinical research data, this tool has the capacity to predict the associated health risks with prediabetes and may be just what you need in your practice.

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