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Colorectal Cancer: Risk Factors
CRC is one of the cancers that appear to have several defined risk factors that identify people who are at risk for developing this disease. Studies have found risk factors that include: age, colorectal polyps, family and personal histories, ulcerative colitis, diet, cigarette smoking and lack of exercise. Developing this type of cancer increases with age, with more than 90% occurring in persons aged 50 years or older.

[Reference:CRC, Pathophysiology, Module A: Epidemiology, Page 9] www.athenaforum.com

COPD: Good Planning
Meal preparations can be challenging for patients with COPD. Exertion in completing the many steps to preparing meals contributes to the fatigue resulting in poor appetites. Possible alternatives to decrease this would include: asking for family help; participating as a recipient of community ‘meals on wheels’ programs, eating small meals and eating slowly. All are plausible options and should be included in your patient’s plan of care. Eating high-caloric type foods will help decrease the incidence of malnutrition and loss of weight
[Reference: COPD, Module D: The Case Manager’s Role, page 7]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Swine Flu: Plan and Prevent
Ample warnings, woes and wellness-directed words are circulating the world-wide waves of communications on the swine flu and viral infections. With the Novel Influenza A H1N1 “swine flu” showing up in our communities, remembering and applying common sense behavioral activities in our everyday lives is worth every moment we take to stay one step ahead. The instructions are easy to read and understand, but applying is another thing. Take a few moments and see what you can do to stay healthy in the days ahead.
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“Find Your Community”
Social networking and online interactions of every variety have become the new avenues of communication. Extending invitations to others and participating in a community conversation can be found almost everywhere. CMSA has their own members-only Communities of Practice that offer ample opportunities to get help, offer help, or show your support in day-to-day interactions with your peers. Networking with others who share your interests, problems, and issues specific to your job is a sure way of getting and staying in touch. Pick out your community that aligns with your needs and interests and get networking right now!

Find Your Community in
CMSA's Communities of Practice

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“Save the Date”
CMSA is offering a user training webinar this Thursday – Sept 17th at 10 am PDT. Finding suitable senior housing and home health care options from this single database of more than 60,000 housing facilities in the US will help to eliminate your endless searches. The easy-to-use resource links up to quality measures and direct links to nursing home Five Star Quality Ratings. Check out the one hour webinar at:

Simplify the Search
for Senior Care Services

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