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Behavioral Health: MDD
Major Depressive Disorder may have numerous triggers or may have no obvious reason for it to occur. With seven (7) categories of possible causes and the onset for MDD generally occurring during the late 20’s; the disorder may develop over a period of a few days to a few weeks. Some cases can be sudden and require emergency care. The duration of an event can vary, depending on if treatment is sought or avoided.

[Reference:BH, Module A: Depression, Clinical/Major Depression, Page 9] www.athenaforum.com

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Complications
There are three main cardiac manifestations of RA. 1) Premature atherosclerosis: 40% of patients with RA die of heart-related disease but at a younger average age. 2) Dilated cardiomyopathy: early diagnosis and treatment is essential for survival. 3) Valvular Nodules: obstructions to blood flow that requires surgical value replacement if clinically significant compromise is noted.
[Reference: RA, Module B: Complications, page 9]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Plan and Prepare
Dirty Places – Kitchen
What are some of the commonly touched objects in your kitchen, besides the kitchen ware and items washed everyday? Countertops, door handles, chairs…these should be washed daily but how about the salt and pepper shakers? All of these items are touched regularly and should be wiped clean as well. Quick Fix: When you reach for the seasonings – wash your hands before and after, just to keep the bacteria at bay.

Healthy Aging® Month
In the Headlines . . .
“State of Health Housing”
One-third of all metropolitan area homes have at least one health or safety hazard for families as noted by the National Center for Health Housing (NCHH) comprehensive study results. The State of Healthy Housing report reveals the critical need for improving housing conditions and to ensure that all families have a decent place to live. The US Census Bureau’s American Housing Survey’s key housing characteristics were incorporated in this first-ever national housing assessment that is directly related to the health and welfare of the American citizen. The press release and report can be found here.


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“Vaccine choices”
Current studies have shown for adults, that the injectable forms of the seasonal flu vaccines are more effective than the nasal spray vaccines. Of course, it’s better to get some vaccine than no vaccine, as noted by UM School of Public Health’s Dr Arnold S Monto. Children may respond to both delivery systems but were not included in the study. Additional findings and related stories are available here:

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