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Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here
Multiple Sclerosis: Medications
The medical profession has finally acknowledged that people with multiple sclerosis do indeed experience pain, and that medications are available to help their patients. Dilantin, Neurotin, Elavil, and Pamelor are used for the treatment of dyesthesias-type and parasthesias-types of pain. Tegretal targets the trigeminal neuralgia type of pain. Bladder dysfunction and pain can be controlled with Tofranil, while Klonopin can be used for tremors, spasticitynuli, and pain.
[Reference:MS, Module C: Management, Pain, page 9] www.athenaforum.com

COPD: Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease
Pack Years

Lifetime exposure to cigarette smoking is a major risk factor for COPD. Smoking is estimated to cause 80-90 percent of COPD cases. This exposure is expressed as pack-year history. TO calculate the formula: number of cigarettes smoked per day is divided by 20, then multiplied by the number of years smoked [(# of cigarettes smoked per day ÷ 20) X # of years smoked = total pack years].

[Reference: COPD, Pathophysiology, Module A: Calculations, Page 10]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Plan and Prepare
Dirty Places – Bathroom

Stagnant water in pipes leading to our bathtubs and whirlpools are suspicious places for germs like staphylococcus, bacteria with fecal matter, and fungi. The hidden surfaces around these areas are also suspicious of germs and warrant a cleaning and disinfection routine as well. Quick Fix: Turn on the faucets for 20-30 seconds to flush out the pipes and empty the tub of this water. Clean your tubs with bathroom cleaners after bathing and dry with a clean towel.

Healthy Lung Month
In the Headlines . . .
“The Risk is Real”
‘Stay Fire Smart! – Don’t get Burned!’ Fire Awareness week theme is one idea and activity that should be practiced year round. With the fall weather coming, the risk of injury and death in home fires is real. Taking the opportunity to change the batteries in the fire alarms or making sure each household has the required alarms is but one step to making sure everyone is safe in our homes and communities. Other prevention tips are outlined in the CDC’s Featured Resources. Check out the fact sheet, the online video, and other safety tips that apply for our patients and their families, but for everyone in your community.

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“NEW Course on Athena Forum”
Thank you all for requesting our new course on GI Disorders. A poorly managed Crohn’s Disease patient may cost an organization $300,000 in treatments and surgeries. Recognizing the key issues in Crohn’s Disease can mitigate suffering and expense. We invite you to visit our new course:

“Improving Outcomes in GI Care: Inflammatory Bowel Disorders”
Faculty: Mark Peppercorn, MD, Harvard School of Medicine
Module A: Ulcerative Colitis
Module B: Crohn’s Disease
Module C: Diverticulitis
[CE now: RN-ANCC, California RN & Social Work, Florida RN, Ohio Social Work. Coming soon: NASW, CRCC & CCM.]


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