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Asthma: Action Plan
An efficient tool for self-management for people with asthma is an action plan specific for them. Generally, these forms will outline the four severity levels: Green Zone (when asthma symptoms start); Yellow Zone (caution stage), and Red Zone (medical alert stage). Peak flow percentages, controller medications, reliever medications with their dosage limits and ‘when to take’ instructions help to get a handle on the disease and decrease exacerbations. A sample (in PDF form) is noted on page 8.

[Reference:Asthma, Module D: CM Role, Page 8] www.athenaforum.com

Diabetes: Sweeteners
Clarified as carbohydrates, nutritive (caloric) sweeteners include fructose, honey, corn syrup, molasses, dextrose, maltose, sorbitol, mannitol, and xylitol. Calories from these sweeteners must be accounted for in the meal plan and have the potential to affect blood glucose levels. Fructose provides 4 kcal per gram but may also affect plasma lipids if it replaces sucrose or starch in a diet.
[Reference: Diabetes, Module D: Care Standards, page 9]
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The S’s have it…

Salmon, spinach, Sweet potatoes - yams provide us with great meal options in small packages. Sweet potatoes or yams, like all vegetables are fat-free and relatively low in calories [one small = 54 calories]. Their deep orange-yellow color reflects the high level of antioxidant beta-carotene. Offering fiber, vitamin B6, C, E, folate, and potassium, these tubers are sweet without sugar or butter, and their skins are just as good.

Have a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!
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“Physical Activities Guidelines”
Even with the winter months bringing us less sunlight and shorter daytime hours, we should still be keeping active and moving about…riding and driving in a vehicle doesn’t count. Our bodies are built for physically moving and being active. Guidelines, blogs, and quizzes to check and see where you are and where you could be, is worth your while, as well as for your patients/families. There are ample references that point to the health benefits that come from physical activities we all can participate in and enjoy. Taking that first step in launching a new goal is well worth our efforts.

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“CCM: Please print your CE Certificates”
Last call for getting all of your certificates in line for 2009. Do you have your CE’s for asthma, behavioral health, women’s health, CRC, COPD, CV Risk, Diabetes, MS, RA, and of course our latest Pain Management. The 2009 Certificates expire December 31st. We are still waiting for final approval for the GI disorders course. And there are new and exciting courses coming your way in 2010. Stay tuned and thank you for being a great part of AthenaForum.com.

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