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Behavioral Health: Symptoms
Major depressive episodes common to adults, children and adolescents have at least five of these symptoms present during the same 2 week period: 1) depressed mood most of the day; 2) markedly diminished interest or pleasure; 3) significant weight loss; 4) insomnia or hypersomnia; 5) psychomotor agitation; 6) fatigue; 7) feelings of worthlessness; 8) diminished ability to think; or 9) recurrent thoughts of death. The symptoms do not meet criteria for a mixed episode.

[Reference:Behavioral Health, Module A: Depression, Symptoms, Page 10] www.athenaforum.com

COPD: Management
Stepwise increases in treatment for COPD are based on the disease severity, as noted in the GOLD recommendations. The factors that determine the severity are: 1) symptom severity; 2) airflow limitations; 3) frequency and severity of exacerbations; 4) complications present; 5) respiratory insufficiency or co-morbidities, and 6) number of medications needed to manage the disease.
[Reference: COPD, Module B: Complications, page 10]
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Awareness and Action
Taking small steps in taking care of yourself and others close to you is another way to focus on a healthy lifestyle for 2010. Facts and figures about eating correctly, exercising adequately, and avoiding things that harm you, can be found on the SmallStep website of the Dept of health and Human Services at:

Thyroid Awareness Month

In the Headlines . . .
“Effective Health Care Program”
The Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality recently released a report on two separate studies on patient treatments for COPD. Both studies, conducted by the Univ of Illinois, are a part of the AHRQ’s Developing Evidence of Inform Decisions about Effectiveness (DEcIDE) Program that focused on identified safety and effectiveness of specific combination of drugs. For a detailed review of the surprising results, go to:

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