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Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here
Asthma: NHLBI
The four (4) distinct categories or steps for the asthma severity classifications are characteristic of their symptoms and lung function. Mild Intermittent, Mild persistent, Moderate persistent, and severe persistent vary from day and night time symptoms that occur < = 2 times a week to day time continual symptoms and frequent night time symptoms. PEF viability < 20% for mild intermittent asthma increases to >30% variability for the severe persistent asthma.

[Reference:Asthma, Pathophysiology, Module A: Severity, Page 9] www.athenaforum.com

CV Risk: MI Treated
A myocardial infarction is a medical emergency. The sooner the treatment received, the better the chances of recovery since delaying treatments can mean lasting damage to the heart or even death. Restoring blood flow to the heart is the major goal with assuring that complications are detected and treated. The length of the hospital stay will depend on your patient’s condition and response to the treatments provided. Post hospital activities will include: rehab, check-ups, tests, and medications.

[Reference: CV Risk, Module C: MI-CM Role, page 20]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Awareness and Action
Start! Have you heard about this program? Did you set up a goal for yourself to get moving and get healthy? “The Daily Walking Guide: Your Social Media Sole-Mate” is the perfect start. It’s free and an easy way to track your walking and see results. 58% of Americans say they plan to improve their health this year. But more than half find reasons not to exercise or even walk. Don’t be one of them…get moving today!

National Wear RED Day – 5th – This Friday
In the Headlines . . .
“Did YOUR state make the Grade?”
The American Lung Association has just released their Tobacco Report Cards on where state governments are on protecting people from deadly tobacco products. Check out your state and compare to those states that share borders. Even the federal government has a grade. The criteria used in the grading will help you understand. There is a challenge out there but each breathe saved is well worth the effort.


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“New Sentinel Event Alert”
The Joint Commission just released a new release focusing on “Preventing Deaths During, After Pregnancy.” Pre-existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity put women at risk. Federal and state governments are stepping up efforts to identify the causes of maternal deaths in order to prevent them. Healthy People 2010 has set target of 3.3: 100,000 live births but current statistics from the CDC shows there are 13.3 maternal deaths. For more information regarding this alert –read the JC’s News Release and suggested steps to help decrease these deaths.


The look of confidence
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