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Diabetes: Preconception Planning
The general goal for glycemic control management during this period as well as during the first trimester should be to obtain the lowest A1C test level possible, without undue risk of hypoglycemia in the mother. This is < 1% above the normal range; lower if possible. Self-management skills includes: self-monitoring - blood glucose, treatment of hypoglycemia, and incorporating physical activities into their lives.
[Reference:Diabetes, Module A: Therapies, Overview, Page 19] www.athenaforum.com

Multiple Sclerosis: Cardiac Output
Novantrone, a medication used as a disease modifying therapy for MS, has the Boxed Warnings that focuses on the increased risk of infection due to decreasing protective white blood cells. Additionally, evaluation of cardiac output is necessary before treatment is started because of cardiac toxicity. Congestive heart failure (CHF), potentially fatal, may occur either during the therapy with this drug or months to years after termination of this therapy.

[Reference: MS, Module C: Management, Disease & Relapse Mgmt in MS, page 32]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Awareness & Action
This month is a good time to make simple changes in your diet to help reduce risk for the nation’s #1 killer – heart disease. The FDA has updates on healthy choices every week. Reading and referencing the health claims on food will allow you to compare and identify those items that provide you with the best nutrition. Read through the Eat for a Healthy Heart newsletter and make your first healthy choice today!

National Heart Failure Awareness Week
In the Headlines . . .
“Herbal remedies can cause Cardiac Problems”
Dangers abound when taking traditional herbal medications with prescription drugs. The number of Americans using unapproved herbal remedies without informing their doctor continues to rise. Asking for advice or at least letting their health care providers know about what they are taking would help decrease the side effects or altered response to the prescription they are taking. Herbal medications can dampen or enhance the prescription medications and can affect the final outcome especially for cardiac and immune drugs. Encourage your patients to talk about what they are taking and to let their doctor know.

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“Learn More About HF”
The Heart Failure Society of America, with support of the members of the HFSA Heart Failure Awareness Roundtable, is providing a valuable educational resource for your patients. Check out the eleven (11) modules that focus on understanding what heart failure is, as well as how to take care of themselves everyday. Colorful, simple to read and use information will help to raise the awareness about heart failure that is more than ever, needed today.

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