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Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here
Diabetes: Medical Nutrition Therapy
There are four main goals of MNT that applies to all people with diabetes. They are: 1) attain & maintain optimal metabolic outcomes i.e. normal/near normal blood glucose, lipids, and blood pressure levels; 2) prevent and treat chronic complications of diabetes; 3) healthy food choices and physical activities; and 4) address nutritional needs based on culture/lifestyle and respect individual’s willingness to change.

[Reference:Diabetes, Module D: Standards of Medical Care, Page 2] www.athenaforum.com

COPD: GOLD Standard
Seeking and obtaining emergency care should include understanding when and where appropriate care can be obtained. The indications for Hospital admissions due to acute exacerbations of COPD may include: marked increase in intensity of symptoms i.e. sudden resting dyspnea; severe background of COPD; onset of new physical signs i.e. peripheral edema; insufficient home support, and failure of exacerbation to respond to initial medical management.
[Reference: COPD, Module D: The Case Manager’s Role, page 23]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Awareness and Action
Communication + cell phones…what would we do without them? A valuable piece of technology for many reasons, we should make sure to use them correctly and safely. Legislative regulations are popping up across the nation on restrictions and penalties associated with use of the cell phone while driving. Are we mindful of this responsibility? Check out the Federal Citizen Information Center for more information and suggestions about owning and using your cell phone

23rd – American Diabetes Alert Day
In the Headlines . . .
“Know your Rights”
Your patients with diabetes have many challenges to face everyday and often can be overwhelmed by what they need to know in representing themselves in different circumstances. Discrimination continues in our communities despite legislative rules and regulations that have been set in place to protect them. Knowing their rights, understanding the law, and protecting themselves, is needed now in order to end discrimination. The American Diabetes Association has valuable information to understand this process. Additionally they are visibly promoting a greater awareness about finding new ways to detect, treat, and cure diabetes. Check their website out for ample information on diabetes in our lives.

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“Are you at risk?”
Tuesday is a special day of awareness – to STOP DIABETES. The American Diabetes Association Alert Day has been set aside to find out if your patients have a risk for developing type 2 diabetes? Taking the first step in answering just a few simple questions will help to identify their risks.
http://stopdiabetes.diabetes.org/Look around you
http://stopdiabetes.diabetes.org/Stop Diabetes

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