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Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here
Behavioral Health: Co-Morbid Conditions
Many disease management programs routinely conduct a depression scale as part of the initial assessment. This would apply for diseases such as diabetes, cardiac events, arthritis, spinal cord injuries and CVAs with deficits. Depression can in fact hinder recovery from any of these chronic diseases and prevent control of these conditions.
[Reference:See Athena Forum: BH, Module A: Depression, Page 52] www.athenaforum.com

Women’s Health: Treatment - Menopause
Treatment endpoints for depression do not exist as they do for other disease processes. Continuous treatment is recommended due to the evidence that suggests the brain becomes desensitized after each depressive episode. The resolution of the symptoms is not the endpoint of treatment. Barriers to treat depression are many and complicated at time when it comes to application of insurance benefits or cost of care if no insurance is available.
[Reference: See Athena Forum: WH, Module D: Complications, page 6]
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Celebration and Farewell
Can you believe it? The AF Monday Memos have been coming to your electronic mail box for at least five years now. Hopefully, they have given you the edge on remembering key facts from our disease modules, focusing on case management need-to-know tidbits, and directing you to what our government agencies and organizations are providing in health care education and initiatives. A newer version will be coming in May and with these weekly Memos comes our new Clinical Editor – Connie Sunderhaus. These past years, I have enjoyed the challenge of providing you with this information and encourage you to continue to read them each week. Thank you for your insights, suggestions, and favorable thoughts, for they have helped to shape and direct Athena Forum to provide real-time information you can use today.
– Eloise Schwarz RN, CCM, MBA.
In the Headlines . . .
Lowering Salt
Nearly all Americans consume too much salt. About 75% of our total salt intake comes from processed foods as well as from restaurant/food establishments as noted by the HHS and Dept of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines. The Institute of Medicine recently sent out a report on strategies to reduce sodium in the US. Specific recommendations are targeted towards food manufacturers, public health professionals and consumer educators. Additional FDA Q&A education and recommendations can be found at their website.


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CCMC Scholarship
Applications for the third annual Patricia McCollom Scholarship are now available and open to all current Certified Case Managers. The deadline for applying is July 30, 2010. The application and instructions are available at the CCMC website. During the National Case Management Week, the winner will be announced. For more information on this scholarship as well as their annual Research Grant, check out their website today. CCMC can also be found on Facebook, Linkedin and twitter.

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