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CV Risk: Risk Calculator What’s your BP? Can you truthfully state what you blood pressure is – today? Last week? As healthcare professionals we educate our patients about how to check their BP – but how often to we look at our own numbers?

Take the time on a regular basis to measure and record your BP. The American Heart Association has great ideas and information on keeping your BP in check, including a risk calculator. Getting regular exercise, watching for hidden sodium in your daily diet and maintaining a healthy weight are lifestyle changes that can significantly improve your blood pressure.
Athena Forum’s CV Risk: Stroke & MI, module B www.athenaforum.com

CV Risk: Diet and hypertension There was a time that physicians didn’t talk to patients about the connection of sodium and hypertension. Now we talk to our patients regularly about reading labels and knowing where to find ‘hidden’ sodium in everyday foods. However that is often after a person has been diagnosed with Hypertension or Cardiovascular Disease. The institute of Medicine recently published a white paper on the connection of the American diet with high amounts of sodium to the rise in hypertension in the general population. The IOM calls for the better labeling and education of consumers.
Athena Forum’s CV Risk: Stroke & MI, Mod B, and Chapter 7: Patient and Family Education - Stroke Prevention and Chronic Care
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May is Blood Pressure Awareness Month
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ANA.org: Primary Care & Wellness
The American Nurses Association has issued multiple statements on the impact of the Health Care and Education Affordability Act on the nursing profession. There are provisions for grants for education; recruitment and retention to maintain and support a growing nursing workforce. In addition, grants to operate Nurse Managed Health Care Centers (NMHCs) will establish sites that will provide comprehensive primary care and wellness programs to certain populations.

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An Online Graduate Degree
in Chronic Care Management

Managing chronic illness is the key to true healthcare reform.
No matter what its appearance – diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, asthma, cancer or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) – chronic disease is the greatest contributor to the cost of healthcare in the United States.
The Jefferson School of Population Health’s online Master of Science in Chronic Care Management (MS-CCM) program prepares leaders to critically analyze, design, implement and evaluate systems to improve chronic illness prevention and care management across various health care settings and populations.
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