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Clinical Accuracy Spoken Here
Asthma Definition Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways in which many cells and cellular elements play a role: in particular, mast cells, eosinophils, neutrophils (especially in sudden onset, fatal exacerbations, occupational asthma, and patients who smoke), macrophages, T-lymphocytes, and epithelial cells. More on airway changes in the course.
Athena Forum, Asthma, Module A, Introduction. www.athenaforum.com

Anxiety Disorders As the coordinator of care, the Case Manager is well aware of the importance of collaboration of the treatment team. It is a very important concept and part of treating someone with Anxiety Disorders. The role of the Primary Care Provider is valuable in management of detoxification in substance abuse treatment.
Athena Forum, Behavior Health, Module B: Anxiety Disorders, Chapter 3
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
July 4th Fireworks
Next weekend we celebrate the nation’s birthday on July 4th. It is a great time to go to parades, have backyard barbeques, and visit with neighbors and friends and to share with our communities beautiful fireworks displays.
However there are some folks who want to make noise and do it themselves. If any of the our readers have ever worked in the ED or surgery in early July we have seen firsthand what a mistake do-it-yourself 4th of July celebrations can be.
In the Headlines . . .
Multiple healthcare associations have issued warnings against having fireworks at home – the message is clear: leave it to the professionals.
If you know someone that does have some home celebrations – use extreme caution:
• adults only – should handle fireworks, no matter how ‘small’
• have a bucket of water nearby and immerse all used fireworks in water before discarding
• have plenty of space
• best recommendation
• GO to the local community fireworks display and watch it there!
RESOURCES: www.kidshealth.org; www.fireworkssafety.com; www.cdc.gov

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Jefferson School of Population Health
June 16 Online Open House

NEW Online Master’s Degree in Chronic Care Management
This virtual Open House — available to anyone with access to a computer and a high-speed internet connection — will present information on JSPH’s online Masters and Certificate programs in Health Policy; Healthcare Quality and Safety, and Chronic Care Management.

Jefferson’s online degree and certificate programs offer flexibility, convenience, and the same high quality as our on-site programs. Online courses provide the flexibility to work around your busy schedule and at your own pace — participating from anywhere that offers access to the internet. RSVP or info April Smith at 215-503-5305 or april.smith@jefferson.edu.

For more information about Jefferson’s MS-CCM program, visit www.jefferson.edu/population_health/

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