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Back to Basics – the Heart As we assess our patients for cardio vascular risks, and examine our own risk for heart disease, it is helpful on occasion to re-examine the basics. Athena Forum’s CV Risk course has excellent materials to review those basics learned back in Anatomy class. In order for us to educate our patients on valve disease, artery and vascular changes, etc. frequently we need to educate on basics. Please review module A, section 1 for that overview – and you control the quiz!

Athena Forum: CV Risk, Module A www.athenaforum.com

‘I thought it would help me lose weight' Supplements, a health concern

Thorough assessments ask if patients are taking medicines not prescribed by a physician and over-the-counter agents. Careful questioning will provide the patient an opportunity to tell you they may be taking a supplement to help with obesity. Athena Forum’s Obesity Management Course has great information on this topic in Module C, Section 4. This is one of the new courses on Athena and case managers are finding the content to be extremely helpful.

Athena Forum: Obesity Management, Module C
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
“I never knew Grandma had a heart attack”
Family medical history – important to all.

Do you know if you have heart disease or diabetes in your family? Maybe you do know, but do your children – or nieces and nephews? The traditional family is now not necessarily the way it looked in many of the old sixties TV shows. In fact, we may have a different composition and we may not live even in the same state. However it is important for families to know and understand their individual family medical history. As Dr. Eric Green of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) stated it is more important as we age for our healthcare providers to know our family medical history in order to assess for health risks.

For assistance in putting together a family health history, one can visit the NIH website for a tool on family health history developed in conjunction with NHGRI and the Surgeon General’s office.
In the Headlines . . .
Athena Forum is finalizing our new HF course. It contains guidelines from the national initiative by the American College of Cardiology: “Hospital-2-Home.”  The H2H goal is to reduce HF re-admissions by 20% within one year. Discharge guidelines on Athena will include:

  • Is the HF pt familiar and competent with their meds and do they have access to them?

  • Does the HF pt have a follow-up visit scheduled within a week of D/C and are they able to get there?

  • Does the HF pt comprehend signs and symptoms that require medical attention and do they know who to contact if they occur?

  • End of August visit: Athena Forum course: Heart Failure.

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