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Patient Advocacy: Measuring 4 Outcomes by Case Managers The Case Management department is tasked to demonstrate ‘value’ and ‘quality’ and needs to determine how to do this. Athena Forum’s courses on Patient Advocacy offers useful tools and measures along with ‘real life’ examples:

“While it is easy to see the need to evaluate the qualitative value of case management services in a hospital environment, quantitative measures of success are equally important for the case management program to prove its worth.

Measurable qualitative and quantitative outcomes that can be evaluated generally fall into 4 major categories: clinical outcomes, cost outcomes, revenue outcomes, and value outcomes.“

Athena Forum: Patient Advocacy, Module C, page 26 www.athenaforum.com

Obesity Mgmt: Drug Meridia® Withdrawn from Market The FDA announced the voluntary withdraw of the medication, Meridia® (sibutramine) by the manufacturer due to increased cardio-vascular risks.

In Athena Forum's Obesity Management course, Module C focuses a full chapter on the use of prescription medications. “Because weight-loss drugs are used to treat a condition that affects millions of people, many of whom are basically healthy, the possibility that side effects may outweigh benefits is of great concern. See the list of Prescription Weight Loss Medications on page 17, Chapter 3 Pharmaceutical Regimens.

Athena Forum: Obesity Management, Module C.
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
November is COPD Awareness Month.

See Athena Forum's course on COPD for the latest guidelines and standards of care of chronic obstructive lung disease, based on recent updates from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (GOLD).
In the Headlines . . .
CDC.gov: Diabetic Prevalence to Increase by 2050

In a report released on October 22, 2010, the CDC projects that up to one third of American adults will be diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes by 2050. This supports the relationship of increased obesity rates have, along with lack of exercise, and the impact on chronic diseases. Other contributing factors to this growth include the increases in the aging population, higher numbers of at-risk minority groups and that persons with Diabetes are having longer life spans. Ann Albright PhD, RD, of the CDC states: "Successful programs to improve lifestyle choices on healthy eating and physical activity must be made more widely available because the stakes are too high and the personal toll too devastating to fail." (CDC press release 10/22/10, available here)

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JSPH & Athena Forum – Partners in Chronic Care

Master’s Degree in Chronic Care Management.

Managing chronic illness is the key to true healthcare reform.

No matter what its appearance – diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, asthma, cancer or COPD – chronic disease is the greatest contributor to the cost of healthcare in the United States.

The Jefferson School of Population Health’s online Master of Science in Chronic Care Management (MS-CCM) stresses chronic illness prevention and wellness, integrates evidence-based guidelines, includes behavioral health concerns, and appreciates cultural and individual variation.

The program prepares leaders to critically analyze, design, implement and evaluate systems to improve chronic illness prevention and care management across various health care settings and populations

For more information about Jefferson’s MS-CCM program, click here. 215-503-5305

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  CM Excellence® Series: 
  » Principles of Case
  » Patient Advocacy
  » Utilization Management
  » Discharge Planning
  » Hospital Revenue Cycle

  Clinical Series: 
  » Asthma
  » Behavioral Health
  » Colorectal Cancer
  » COPD
  » CV Risk: Stroke & MI
  » Diabetes
  » EOL & Palliative
  » GI Disorders
  » Heart Failure
  » Multiple Sclerosis
  » Obesity Management
  » Pain Management
  » Rheumatoid Arthritis
  » Women’s Health



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