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Holidays and Heart Disease

Recent research has linked a high triglyceride level (hypertriglyceridemia) to an increased risk of heart disease. The holiday season is rife with tempting food that can send your soaring. The American College of Cardiology recommends that cardiovascular specialists promote preventive cardiac care by 1) endorsing anti-smoking policies and programs; 2) encouraging healthy dietary behavior by limitation of total calorie intake, fat and cholesterol; 3) promoting prudent physical activity; 4) ensuring adequate control of arterial blood pressure; 5) managing patients with hyperlipidemia, metabolic, coagulative and other risk factors; 6) advising primary care physicians with regard to risk reduction; 7) developing a cardiovascular health promotion plan for cardiac patients and their families.

The ACC has published many guidelines on specific topics such as procedures and types of diagnoses related to CVD.

Athena Forum, CV Risk: Stroke and MI: Module A www.athenaforum.com

Nutrition Intervention in the Diabetic Patient

Nutrition assessment and intervention, increased physical activity, and weight loss should allow some patients to reach these lipid levels. Nutrition intervention should be tailored according to each patient's age, type of diabetes, pharmacological treatment, lipid levels and other medical conditions and should focus on the reduction of saturated fat and cholesterol intake. Glycemic control can also beneficially modify plasma lipid levels. In particular, triglycerides may be significantly reduced with optimal glucose lowering.

Athena Forum, Diabetes Course, Care Standards: Module D
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Simple Goals, Creative Application

When it comes to practicing Case Management the business goals are simple:

  1. Improve utilization of resources

  2. Reduce LOS

  3. Reduce over-utilization of resources

The goals may appear over-simplified. However, it is the creative application of these simple goals to the complex patient in a complex setting (acute care, chronic care, home care) that truly defines excellence in Case Management. Athena Forum welcomes submission of Case Studies illustrating examples of complex patient care.

In the Headlines . . .
AHRQ Report Finds Doubling of Diabetes Cases in US

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported the number of Americans treated for diabetes rose from about 9 million to 19 million in the 1996-2007 period, with rates increasing for all age groups studied. The agency's analysis also showed an increase of diabetes treatment costs — from $18.5 billion to about $41 billion during the same period. HealthDay News (1/5/11)

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