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CV Risk, Stroke and MI: Global Risk Estimate

All adults over age 40 should know their absolute risk of developing CHD. Recommendations:

  • Adults over age 40 or with two or more risk factors should have their 10-year risk of CHD assessed with a multiple risk factor score every five years

  • Global risk assessment factors include age, sex, smoking status, systolic blood pressure, total cholesterol, LDL, and HDL, and if diabetic.

  • People with diabetes or a 10-year risk over 20 percent are considered "CHD risk equivalent" (similar to a patient with established CVD).

  • Equations for calculating a 10-year stroke risk are available.

CV Risk, Stroke and MI: Module A, Pathophysiology www.athenaforum.com

Pain Management: Cancer Pain

The basic principles of cancer pain management build upon the concept of overcoming barriers, stressing the importance of a team approach involving patients, their families, and caregivers. Failure to assess pain is a critical factor leading to under-treatment. Pain assessment involves both the clinician and the patient/family unit. Assessment should occur at regular intervals after initiation of treatment. Identifying the etiology of pain is equally important to its management. Clinicians should recognize common cancer pain syndromes since prompt diagnosis and treatment reduces the morbidity associated with unrelieved pain.

Pain Management: Module E, Cancer Pain
Excellence in Case Mgmnt
Patient Advocacy and Care Standards: HCM/MD Partnerships:

Collaborative partnerships begin with a process that places the case manager as the first person the physician encounters at the hospital. Armed with information, the HCM accompanies the physician on rounds and prompts discussions about treatment plans, outcomes, and post-acute services in real-time at the point of service to minimize miscommunication and care delays. Because the HCM is prepared with information about the patient and the physician's practice profiles, the HCM has opportunities to offer suggestions which may improve performance as well as patient care outcomes.

[Reference: Patient Advocacy and Care Standards: Module B, “Right Care” Guidelines.]

In the Headlines . . .
Study: Lower Stroke Risk 66%:

Waiting 60 to 70 minutes before going to bed after eating may reduce the risk of stroke by 66%, Greek researchers reported at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2011. The study included people who already had a stroke and people with acute coronary syndrome. Researchers also cited previous research that showed going to bed soon after a meal can increase the risk of acid reflux disease, which is associated with sleep apnea, a risk factor for stroke. WebMD (8/30)

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Master's Degree in
Chronic Care Management

Managing chronic illness is the key to true healthcare reform.

No matter what its appearance – diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, asthma, cancer or COPD – chronic disease is the greatest contributor to the cost of healthcare in the United States.

The Jefferson School of Population Health's online Master of Science in Chronic Care Management (MS-CCM) stresses chronic illness prevention and wellness, integrates evidence-based guidelines, includes behavioral health concerns, and appreciates cultural and individual variation.

The program prepares leaders to critically analyze, design, implement and evaluate systems to improve chronic illness prevention and care management across various health care settings and populations.

For more information about Jefferson's MS-CCM program, click here. 215-503-5305

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